Take the Guesswork Out Of
Growing Your Business
As a member of Kinder Reese Coaching, you get exclusive access to one-on-one coaching sessions designed to help you get more customers; grow your team; your network and your business; and maintain a higher quality of life
Our Core Philosophy
Building a business based on adding value to people's lives results in two things; you get the benefit of living a more fulfilled and enriched life, and you make more money. We believe that you are capable of much more than you are currently doing, and the journey of building your business will be more about who you have to become in order to be successful than it will be about learning business tactics.  

Once you've clearly grasped everything about your business, and what it means to your customers, you must adopt an "optimization mindset," meaning you will never again allow your business to operate at less than its capabilities. You have to commit to the pursuit of greatness in all areas of your life and in your business. You have to dedicate yourself to creating raving fans through a fanatical client experience that truly differentiates you from everyone in your market. You must lead by being the most knowledgeable in your market.

Our vision for you is that through our training, you become the only viable choice in your market as the most-trusted expert advisor, with a business model that systematically and consistently attracts a steady flow of clients who seek out your advice, happily pay your fees, and wish to retain your services for the long-term. 

This is the business we can help you create.

You Should Apply If...
  •  You have a hunger to be the best in your market.
  •  You're humble enough to know that you don't have it all figured out.
  •  You're frustrated with things that don't work, and want to invest in a proven strategy.
  •  You're looking to conquer the chaos in your business
  •  You're business model isn't working and your ready to become more profitable.
  •  You're looking to grow personally and professionally.
  •  You're looking for a better way to grow your business.
  •  You're looking to invest in proven marketing strategies designed to boost your business.
  •  You're building a team under you and need to know how to maximize their skills.
  •  You're looking to step out of production activities and transition to leading a team.
  •  You already have a large company and are looking to get more out of what you're already doing. 
  •  You're willing to accept the challenge to grow your business. 
  •  You have set the bar high for yourself and know that you could be doing more, but aren't sure where to start. 
Jeff Cook
Charleston, SC, Went from 50 transactions to 310. Jeff is now closing over 800 homes a year still taking time for himself. Jeff is now married with two children.

What You Get as Part of Coaching...
Customized Plan for an 
We'll help you get clear on:
  •  Where you are in your business, right now
  •  You vision and goals for the future
  •  Opportunities you can immediately take action on
  •  Ways to improve your business model over the long-run
  •  A plan to do the right things, in the right order
All of these things will help you to understand what you should do right now to grow your business fast.
Marketing Strategy to Create a CELEBRITY BRAND
Your marketing strategy that we help you develop will:
  •  Position you as "the-go-to-agent" in your market
  •  Include customized marketing strategies designed to get listings
  •  Utilize proven on-and-offline approaches that help get the phone to ring
  •  Ways to improve your business model over the long-run
  •  A plan to do the right things, in the right order
Before you know it, you'll be dominating the neighborhoods in your market, niche by niche.
We'll help you build leverage by:
  •  Implementing proven and duplicatable systems and processes 
  •  Identify non-income producing activities you can get off your plate for good
  •  Integrating management and leadership systems designed to help your team get the right things done every day
By initiating these measures, you can build a business that works harder for you, than you do for it.
The Expert Advisor Coaching™ system is a methodology- one that we've created by analyzing and developing the principles that govern growth at every stage of your real estate business. This methodology is essentially a body of rules applied to your business - how it operate, how decisions are made and what tactics are used for growth. The overall strategy in play will determine how fast or slow your business grows, and we've discovered that the right strategy can help your business grow exponentially, in very little time. 
The Exponential Growth Strategy™ is our proprietary approach 'to opening the hood' of your business and looking for:
  •  Hidden assets
  •  Overlooked opportunities
  •  Underperforming activities
  •  Undervalued relationships
  •  Underutilized distribution channels
  •  Untapped selling systems
  •  Little-known marketing approaches 
This excursion into your business can help to optimize and maximize what you're already doing. 
Optimizing your business is easier with a coach - someone who can look at things from the 10,000 foot overview, and identify all the things you could be doing. A coach that is using our Expert Advisor Coaching™ methodology is going to be that much more effective, because we've designed this methodology to get results. Our coaches have 'looked under the roof' of literally hundreds of businesses, and the kind of insights we've gleaned from their mistakes can save you tens of thousands of dollars in mistakes and years of setbacks.
What the Experts Say...
“The accolades for these two gentlemen are extraordinary”

“ This is the phenomenal thing for me, having been in real estate in a past life myself these two guys sell between 500-800 homes per year so I’m pretty excited to hear how that is possible”

Darren Hardy
Author, Keynote Speaker, Advisor, Former Publisher of SUCCESS Magazine
What To Expect if You're Accepted 
We'll help you figure out what you should be doing. why you should be doing it, and how if fits into your overall short-term and long-term goals. 
We've designed the "right things in the right order" decision making process so that your are always executing the tactics that provide the most leverage for your business.
We'll help you learn what marketing systems to deploy in to your strategy and provide access to proven campaigns - so you know your investment will get results.
As a coaching client you also have access to Kinder Reese University - all of our turnkey digital assets designed to make you "the-go-to-agent" in your market. 
We'll help you learn how to hire, manage and lead the best people while gaining clarity on what roles and responsibilities each person should have, how to get things off your plate, and how to conquer the chaos of business.
Utilizing our proprietary financial model, will help you understand how to run your business like a business, with a focus on increasing your bottom line and managing your investments for faster growth.
We'll challenge you to grow a business that can grow without you - so you can live your life. This is one of the most important areas of focus for many of our coaching members.
Our decades of experience running many different levels of brokerages has allowed us to document the systems and processes for each type of business. This experience means that you'll never have to figure it out on your own again!
The Fine Print
Our Growth Guarantee
We know that rent is due every month - both for you and us. That's why we require a 12-month commitment to grow your business, because it can't happen overnight. While many of our clients experience 100% Growth over what they were doing before becoming a member, you are responsible for putting the things we provide into action. We can easily guarantee 25% growth over 12 month when you put in the work, and anyone who doesn't experience that - we'll coach you for free until you do!
*Restrictions apply, but they are simple! Show up, do the work that is asked of you, and if your results don't show that you've grown a minimum of 25%, we will coach you at no charge for  up to an additional 6 months. To request this additional coaching, requests must be made in writing and both emailed and hard-copy mailed to the following Kinder Reese Coaching & Training ATTN: John Kitchens 6170 Research Rd, Suite 222, Frisco, TX 75033
Once accepted, we will prepare an agreement for your signature stating that you will receive the 6 months coaching at no charge to you. Under no circumstances will any refunds be  issued for any months paid.